Giclee printing, the term refers to a digitally produced, high-resolution reproduction of an original work of art. A digital scan or photograph is taken of the existing artwork, which is then individually printed on canvas or fine art paper using a special large-format ink-jet printer. This printmaking process uses tiny droplets of archival-pigmented ink to create prints that cannot be duplicated by other printing techniques. Because there is no visible dot screen pattern, the resulting image has all the subtle tonalities of the original art. Thus, a giclee is considered the closest thing you can get to the original.


Open Edition vs. Limited Edition: The “edition type” of a giclee essentially refers the number of prints that have been, or will be created. An open edition giclee will be mass-produced resulting in an unlimited number of prints out there. It’s still a fine art piece, just lacks value and rarity compared to its counterpart. A limited edition giclee carries an edition size, which is typically determined by the artist. A finite number will be produced garnering more value as availability decreases.  Once the edition sells out, no more will ever be printed. Limited editions will typically be numbered, such as 1/99, and may be signed or hand-embellished by the artist.


Hand-embellishment or Highlighted: The artist’s presence can be extended if he or she decides to hand-embellish each individual giclee. If a print is embellished – or highlighted – it means the artist has added texture and dimension by applying paint or clear gels to areas of the artwork. This not only brings the giclee closer to the original, but adds value with the artist having handled each piece. Hand-embellishment will almost always only be associated with limited edition runs.


Distribution and Price Point: Giclees allow artists to cast a much wider net in distributing their art and provides collectors a more accessible price-point when compared to the original. Typically, giclee prints will cost at most 1/4 the price of the original art; oftentimes even less than that. That price may vary based off factors such as prominence of the artist, hand-embellishment, print size, open or limited edition, and edition size. NIhalArt do the best to carry exclusively embellished Limited Edition (49) giclees. Each edition is unique, hand embellished, signed and numbered.

Giclee Print/Limited Edition

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